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Casco Bay Islands Maine | Long, Peaks, Cliff, Casco Bay Ferry

Casco Bay Islands


5 Things You Need To Know

Casco Bay Islands

The Casco Bay Islands in Maine offer a diverse range of destinations to explore, each with its own unique charm:

Peaks Island: Known for its scenic beauty, art galleries, and vibrant community.

Little Diamond Island: A tranquil getaway with historic architecture and pristine beaches.

Great Diamond Island: Home to Fort McKinley, offering historical intrigue and stunning coastal views.

Diamond Cove: Features a marina, dining options, and beautiful natural surroundings.

Long Island: Offers picturesque landscapes, hiking trails, and a welcoming community.

Chebeague Island: Known for its relaxed atmosphere and rich maritime history.

Cliff Island: Known for its serene ambiance and slower pace of life.

Cliff Island Casco Bay Maine

Cliff Island is a serene retreat within Casco Bay, Maine:

  • It's a 1 to 2-hour ferry ride from Portland, offering a scenic journey.

  • As the smallest year-round island, it provides a quiet escape from the bustling mainland.

  • The island boasts ample conservation land, making it ideal for nature enthusiasts.

  • Most residents and visitors rely on walking, biking, or golf carts for transportation, contributing to the island's peaceful atmosphere.

Peaks Island

Peaks Island is a captivating destination in Casco Bay, Maine:

  • It's just a short 17-minute ferry ride from Portland, making it easily accessible.

  • The island is known for its vibrant arts community, with many resident artists.

  • It exudes a charming small-town vibe, where everyone knows each other.

  • You can enjoy stunning ocean views from various points on the island.

Peaks Island is a delightful blend of artistic inspiration, coastal beauty, and a welcoming community, making it a must-visit spot in Casco Bay.

Long Island

Long Island in Casco Bay, Maine, offers a mix of attractions:

  • It's a 30 to 60-minute ferry ride from the mainland, providing a peaceful escape.

  • Known for its lobster fishing industry, you can savor fresh seafood.

  • Bed and breakfast options offer a cozy and authentic island stay.

  • Explore local art galleries to appreciate the island's creative side.

  • Charming general stores provide essentials and island souvenirs.

Getting there

To access the Casco Bay Islands, including Cliff Island, Peaks Island, Little Diamond Island, Great Diamond Island, Diamond Cove, Long Island, Chebeague Island, and more, you can rely on the Casco Bay Ferry service. This ferry system operates year-round, providing reliable transportation to and from the islands.

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