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5 Things You Need To Know

Pinnacle Mountain State Park Hours

Pinnacle Mountain State Park offers visitors the following hours of operation:

  • Visitor Center: Open daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

  • Launch Ramp/Picnic Area/Arboretum: Accessible from 6:30 a.m. until 1 hour after sunset. 

Check the website for seasonal closures.

Hiking & Biking

Pinnacle Mountain State Park offers a variety of trails for outdoor enthusiasts:

Arkansas Trail: A scenic wooded loop with a length of 6/10 miles, perfect for a leisurely stroll surrounded by nature.

Base Trail: This trail spans 1.25 miles and provides a chance to explore the park's natural beauty at a relaxed pace.

Coachwhip: A 2.18-mile trail designed for mountain biking, offering an exciting and challenging ride through the park's terrain.

East Summit Trail: Stretching 1.5 miles, this trail leads to the summit of Pinnacle Mountain, promising breathtaking views as a rewarding endpoint for hikers.

Monument Trails

Pinnacle Mountain State Park's Monument Trails are renowned for world-class mountain biking experiences. Here are some featured trails:

  • Jackfork (Green Circle): A 4.59-mile trail that offers a moderate biking experience, perfect for riders of various skill levels.

  • Coachwhip Loop (Green Circle): This 2.23-mile loop provides a pleasant biking route through the park's scenic landscapes.

  • Glade Runner (Black Diamond): A challenging 0.43-mile trail for experienced bikers seeking an adrenaline rush.

  • Twistflower (Blue Square): With a length of 0.53 miles, this trail provides a balanced biking experience suitable for intermediate riders.

Pinnacle Mountain State Park Visitor Center

The Visitor Center at Pinnacle Mountain State Park is a hub for visitors, offering a range of amenities and attractions:

  • Interpretive Exhibits: Explore informative exhibits that provide insights into the park's natural and cultural history, enhancing your understanding of the area.

  • Restrooms: Convenient restroom facilities are available for visitors' comfort and convenience.

  • Vending: You can grab snacks or beverages from vending machines, perfect for refueling before or after your outdoor adventures.

  • Gifts: Browse a selection of souvenirs and gifts, allowing you to take home a piece of your Pinnacle Mountain experience.

  • Wildlife Viewing Area: Take some time to appreciate the park's natural beauty and watch for local wildlife in designated viewing areas.

Recreation Area

The recreation area at the base of Pinnacle Mountain offers a fantastic spot for outdoor enjoyment:

  • Picnic Tables: Relax and have a meal with family and friends at the provided picnic tables.

  • Grills: Fire up a barbecue and enjoy outdoor cooking in a scenic setting.

  • Playground: Kids can have a great time on the playground, making it a family-friendly destination.

  • Restrooms: Convenient restroom facilities are available, ensuring comfort during your visit.

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