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The Alamo San Antonio | Parking, History, Hotels, Information

The Alamo


5 Things You Need To Know

Parking at The Alamo

Visiting The Alamo in San Antonio is a historic experience, and while there is no on-site parking, you can find parking facilities nearby in downtown San Antonio. Here are some options:

  1. Alamo Parking: Located at 407 Bonham, San Antonio, TX 78205.

  2. E Crockett Street Parking Garage: You can park at 300 E Crockett St, San Antonio, TX 78205.

  3. Bowie Street Parking Lot: Another nearby parking option is at 241 S Bowie St, San Antonio, TX 78205.

  4. 601-699 E Travis St Parking: This parking facility is at 601-699 E Travis St, San Antonio, TX 78205.

  5. Alamo Parking: There's another Alamo Parking facility at 501-599 Peacock Alley, San Antonio, TX 78205.

The Alamo History

The Alamo is a historical site in San Antonio, Texas, known for its crucial role in the Texas Revolution. Here's a more detailed view of its history:

  1. Mission San Antonio de Padua: Established in 1718, the Alamo was originally Mission San Antonio de Padua, one of the Spanish missions focused on converting and educating Native Americans.

  2. Secularization: In the late 1700s, the Spanish government secularized the mission, changing its role from religious to multifunctional.

  3. Mexican Garrison: After Mexico's independence from Spain in 1821, the Alamo became a Mexican military post.

  4. Texas Revolution: The Alamo gained fame during the Texas Revolution from 1835 to 1836. Texan rebels, including notable figures like Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie, seized the Alamo from Mexican forces in 1835, symbolizing resistance.

  5. Siege of the Alamo: In early 1836, General Antonio López de Santa Anna led a Mexican army to besiege the Alamo. The Texan defenders, though outnumbered, bravely held out for 13 days before the fort was overrun.

  6. "Remember the Alamo!": The battle cry "Remember the Alamo" spurred Texan forces to keep fighting. A few weeks after the Alamo's fall, the Texan army, led by Sam Houston, secured victory at the Battle of San Jacinto, leading to Texas' independence from Mexico.

  7. Annexation: After a brief period as an independent republic, Texas joined the United States as the 28th state in 1845.

The Alamo's rich history and the sacrifice of its defenders hold a significant place in American and Texan history. Today, it stands as a revered historic site and museum, allowing visitors to delve into the events that transpired there and honor those who fought for Texas' independence.


The Alamo is open to visitors with the following hours:

  • Open Daily: 9 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

  • Collections Center: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Guided Tour

If you're interested in taking a guided tour of The Alamo and experiencing the Alamo Exhibit and Alamo Church Entry, here are the details:

  • Tour Duration: 45 minutes

Ticket Prices:

  • Adult: $45.00

  • Child (12 years & under): $35.00

  • Adult - Military, First Responder, Senior Citizen (65+): $40.00

  • Child Military (12 years & under): $30.00

These guided tours provide a rich and informative experience, allowing you to explore the history and significance of The Alamo. Pricing may vary based on age and eligibility for discounts, so be sure to check for any updates or specific details before planning your visit.

Admission Fees

Admission to the Alamo Church, Long Barrack, and the surrounding grounds is always free. This means you can explore these significant historical areas at no cost. It's a wonderful opportunity to learn about the history of The Alamo and its role in the Texas Revolution without any admission fees.

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