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5 Things You Need To Know

USS Midway Hours and Admission

USS Midway Museum Hours and Admission Information:

Open Monday to Sunday

10 am to 5 pm, with the last admission at 4 pm

Closures on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day 

For the most affordable admission, purchase your tickets in advance on the website:

$31 for Adults (ages 13+)

$21 for Youth (ages 6-12)

$21 for Veterans 

Plan your visit to this iconic naval museum and make the most of your experience by purchasing tickets ahead of time.

Things to Plan Ahead For

When visiting the USS Midway Museum, here are some things to plan ahead for: 

Time: Allocate 3-4 hours for your visit to fully explore the ship and its exhibits. 

Attire: As you'll be on a real ship, wear protective shoes and consider layered clothing for varying weather conditions. 

Food and Drinks: Note that outside food or drinks are not allowed, except for clear plastic bottles for hydration. 

Smoking: Smoking is prohibited on the ship for the comfort and safety of all visitors. 

Preparing for these aspects will help you have an enjoyable and smooth experience during your visit to the USS Midway Museum in San Diego.

Getting There and USS Midway Museum Parking

When it comes to getting to the USS Midway Museum and parking:

-The museum doesn't have its own parking lot.

-There's a public parking lot on the next pier owned by the Port of San Diego.

-During busy summer months, allow extra time for parking.

-Parking rates vary depending on the lot owners and may be higher during events.

-Street parking meters are also an option.

If you're not driving, consider alternative transportation options like ridesharing or using public transit, including the trolley, for added convenience and flexibility.

Things to do

There's a lot to do at the USS Midway Museum:

Exhibits: Explore numerous exhibits, including aircraft and interactive cockpits.

Flight Deck and Bridge: Check out the flight deck, where aircraft are displayed, and the bridge, the heart of the ship's operations.

Crew Quarters: Get a glimpse of life onboard by visiting the crew quarters below deck.

Flight Simulators: Experience the thrill of flight in the flight simulators.

Movie Theater: Watch captivating stories in the 90-seat movie theater.

With so many engaging activities, you'll have an immersive and educational visit at the USS Midway Museum in San Diego.

Cafe and Gift Shop

Don't forget to visit the cafe and gift shop on the hangar deck of the USS Midway Museum:

Cafe: Enjoy a variety of options, including salads, sandwiches, burgers, beverages, and daily specials.

Gift Shop: Explore a wide selection of items, from U.S. Navy and USS Midway Museum San Diego apparel to historic and children's books, as well as San Diego souvenirs. It's a great way to find memorable keepsakes from your visit.

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