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Grand Wailea A Waldorf Astoria Resort | Reviews, Restaurants, Parking


Grand Wailea A Waldorf Astoria Resort | Reviews, Restaurants, Parking


Trip In Time Hotel Glance

Grand Wailea a Waldorf Astoria Resort, is a beautiful place with a Polynesian-inspired design and lovely gardens. It has a fancy spa, a big pool for fun, and a peaceful place called Spa Grande. You can also eat amazing food there and enjoy lots of nice things. Check out our hotel details below as you decide on your perfect Maui resort.

*Trip In Time cannot guarantee any information on this site is accurate. For up-to-date information, please contact the hotel. 


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On-site restaurants: 

Olivine: Olivine is a charming Hawaiian-inspired restaurant with ocean views, serving delicious island flavors for a delightful dining experience. 

Botero Lounge: Botero Lounge is a stylish place to relax, offering craft cocktails and tasty light snacks in a contemporary setting. 

'Ikena: 'Ikena is where you can enjoy breakfast with a view, surrounded by scenic beauty, and a menu filled with fresh morning options. 

Loulu: Loulu is a laid-back dining spot, perfect for casual meals in a comfortable setting. 

Wailea Surf Haus: This beachfront restaurant serves coastal-inspired dishes, allowing you to enjoy the sea's flavors in a welcoming atmosphere. 

Grotto Bar: Grotto Bar is a lively poolside spot for enjoying refreshing drinks and snacks while basking in the sun.


Bars on-site: 

Botero Lounge: Botero Lounge offers craft cocktails and light bites in a stylish setting, perfect for unwinding in a chic atmosphere. 

Wailea Surf Haus: Located beachfront, Wailea Surf Haus provides a relaxing coastal vibe with refreshing drinks and ocean views. 

Grotto Bar: Grotto Bar is a vibrant poolside destination for sipping cocktails and enjoying snacks while soaking up the sun.


At this resort, guests can opt for convenient valet parking for an additional fee of $65 per day per car. However, self-parking is not offered as an option on the property, making valet parking the primary choice for guests' parking needs during their stay.


The resort's fitness center is well-equipped, featuring Peloton bikes for cardio workouts, Tonal for strength training, rowing machines for a full-body exercise, and free weights for those looking to build strength and endurance. Guests can maintain their fitness routines while enjoying a variety of exercise options.


The resort is pet-friendly, welcoming dogs weighing under 50 pounds to join their humans during their stay. A nonrefundable pet fee of $30 per night is applicable, allowing guests to bring their furry companions along for a memorable vacation experience.


Grand Wailea, A Waldorf Astoria Resort, enjoys a prime oceanfront location in Maui's upscale Wailea area, providing stunning views and beach access.

Airport Shuttle

The resort does not offer an airport shuttle service. However, guests have several convenient options for transportation, including using local taxis, ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft, or renting a car to travel to and from the airport and explore the surrounding areas during their stay.


Ikena offers a delightful breakfast experience with a menu filled with fresh and delicious morning options. Guests can savor their breakfast in a scenic setting, enjoying the picturesque surroundings.


The Kilolani Spa at Grand Wailea is an exciting addition scheduled to open in early 2024. Guests can anticipate rejuvenating spa experiences in the near future.

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