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Trout Lake Resort Gunfilnt Trail Minnesota | Lodging, Location, Fish


Trout Lake Resort Gunfilnt Trail Minnesota | Lodging, Location, Fish

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Located 16 miles from Grand Marais, Minnesota, Trout Lake Resort offers a magical escape. Its world-class trout fishing and North Woods style create a timeless experience in this Minnesota treasure. Gunflint Trail lodging offers rustic charm and wilderness access, perfect for those seeking a tranquil getaway in Northern Minnesota.

Trout Lake Resort is a family-run destination where staff will treat you exceptionally. This small scale resort may lack some amenities compared to large chain destinations, but they will make up for it with the individualized treatment of their guests.  

*Trip In Time cannot guarantee any information on this site is accurate. For up-to-date information, please contact the hotel. 


Our Review


No restaurant at the resort.


No bar at the resort.


Parking is free at each cabin's private parking area.

Guest reviews emphasize that despite the absence of a gym, guests can stay active with numerous walking and paddling options available. The natural surroundings of Trout Lake Resort offer a range of outdoor activities, ensuring an enjoyable and active stay for visitors.


No fitness center at the resort. You will find endless walking routes and watersport activities.


Pets are allowed at the resort.

Guest reviews consistently highlight Trout Lake Resort's stunning North Woods location. Set on a quiet and undisturbed lakefront, it provides a serene and beautiful getaway for nature enthusiasts and those seeking a tranquil lakeside retreat.


Trout Lake Resort on the Gunflint Trail is nestled deep in the North Woods, offering a peaceful retreat. It's approximately 16 miles from Grand Marais, with potentially unpredictable winter road conditions. 


Gunflint Trail - 3 miles 

Grand Marais Harbor - 15.5 miles 

Sven & Ole's - 15.4 miles 

Downtown Grand Marais - 15.4 miles 

Duluth International Airport - 128 miles

Airport Shuttle

No shuttle services, a rental car is the best option if flying into Duluth International Airport.


No breakfast served at the resort.


No spa services at the resort.

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